- The Skies Are On The Ground -

“Give me a place to stand and I will move the earth.” - Archimedes

Step out of the mundane into the mythic. Let your shadow float through clouds and plummet to the earth. Feel the lightning rage of Zeus and make the steam rise off Venus.

A projection work that you can stand in, this work involves your shadow in a world of impossibilities, where centaurs roam and Heracles is wearing disco pants and picking you up at 7.

Bring your shadow to the walls of your city. Disregard reality in favour of the untouchable power of the stories we make up. Stand in this place and watch the earth move around you. Homer would have wanted you to.


Digital Projection that involves the viewer's shadow, 6 minute loop,

Documentation filmed at White Night Melbourne in the City Square, 2014  

Stills from installation at White Night Melbourne Festival, 2014