Taking up drawing at age 8 in an attempt to impress the brooding & creative Brenton-from-the-year-above, Freya hasn’t stopped since. She has exhibited in galleries and completed permanent and ephemeral commissions in public and private space around Australia and internationally. Honed in her recently completed Master of Fine Arts at VCA Pitt's research is focused on ways of bringing attention to the mutual contingency of the self and the social. What we recognise as ourselves is deeply embedded in the social institutions we exist within, yet these relationships are so all encompassing they are hard to see. Pitt uses her practice to stumble myopically (with a hefty astigmatism) towards the social structures that she was formed within. By exploring a range of possible selves through performance, moving image, text and sculptural forms the artists views her process as rehearsing the social within the self. Having completed her Masters of Art in Public Space at RMIT in 2014 she has participated in the Melbourne Festival Art Trams Project, White Night Melbourne, Gertrude St Projection Festival, the Summer Nights program at the Blue Room and Skypetrait; transcontinental faces, a research project between Melbourne and Reutlingen University. Her work exists in a strange nexus between social theory, folklore, lumens and silly costumes. Freya and Brenton never worked out, but she does have more projectors than she ever dreamed of as a kid and few regrets.


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