- The Pursuit of Wholeness-

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↑ A collation of live and animated snippets from The Pursuit of Wholeness at White Night Melbourne 2015 in the Collins Street Baptists Church. Sound Design and Composition by Anatol Pitt


“Love is the name for our pursuit of wholeness, for our desire to be complete.” Plato – The Symposium

A live storytelling and installation work, The Pursuit of Wholeness invites you into love. With readings, dedications and discos, you will be surrounded by it. Watch it grow and fall apart in a night.

I told myself love stories to get to sleep every night of my childhood. But as I grew up, the endings got more complicated. A shifting spectacle of love, this live art and projection installation asks the eternal questions. Can we blame Zeus for this burning desire, for cutting us in two with his lightning and leaving us forever searching for our other half? Did Brenton-from-the-year-above ever grow the rippling muscles I dreamt of? Can we take poetry seriously?

Juxtaposing large scale projection against the diminution of humans within the urban landscape, and the grandiosity of feelings against the intimacy of relationships, Pursuit of Wholenessplayfully interrogates the contemporary obsession with romantic love.


The work ran for 12 hours, with live performances by Freya Pitt and George Gaylor, on a 50minute loop, to over 7000 viewers at White Night Melbourne 2015