- Something alien, as a power independent -

Something alien, as a power independent Digital Projection, Heide Museum of Modern Art, 2022

Stepping outside a friend's 4 bed 4 bath townhouse, an artist loses her bearings. Looking down she sees years of trying (but not for anything in particular), a modest accumulation of liquid capital (because who knows when she’ll need it and what was all the work for anyway) and a sense of desire estranged from direction. Looking up, she sees the other side of a suburban street. If she worked a lot doing something very boring, perhaps she too could have concrete capital. The kind that she could grow old in. An alien thought. A different kind of labor, for a different kind of stability. It would mean giving up on things, letting things go. Made in a moment of overwork and indecision and taking its title from Marx’s Estranged Labor (1844), this work abstractly weighs the heaviness of a known quantity of labor for the next 30 years against the liquidity of 25% casual loading on an unstable unit quantity. Through historical Western imagery and texts, Something alien, as a power independent grapples with the institutional forces that encourage the trajectory towards private property and accumulation. While sometimes overt these references are often more lateral, playing with the complex ways that we are formed (and inform) the world we live in. There is something intrinsically alien and untouchable about light and projection. Multiple videos of the artist rehearsing different lines of thought competing for real-estate within her draw the medium's unreality into another seemingly untouchable realm - that of the social - a power dependent on all of us, together (but some more than others).