- How To Deal With Difference -

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↑ Snippets of animation from How to Deal with Difference, 2018

↑ Footage from Installation of How to Deal with Difference, 2018, at the VCA masters graduate exhibition.

Through social relationships we simultaneously form and are formed by imaginaries. They are enormous and incomprehensible – built on the shifting ground of contingency, and only seen from within our own edges. I set out to make work about these social imaginaries, and on the way got lost in the edges of myself. I say edges as if they were cohesive, but it’s chaos out there where I stop, where I am in contact with things that are not me, where an edge is articulated through disagreement. There are obvious boundaries like undue violence and bigoted slogans. But mostly it’s a lot less clear. It is unsettling how quickly an edge shifts or stretches and articulation crumbles. I can only sense them momentarily by walking my outskirts till the ground seems unstable, unable to hold me; by rehearsing the social within the self. I have cast the construction of the self and the social through the time* and space** of projection installations. The works are always iterations, always begging for more rehearsal. Only ever temporary frameworks for these unsettled imaginaries.

*The dimension that allows for the constitution of the self as subject

**The dimension of the social

↓ Stills from installation at VCA MFA Grad show, 2018

↑ Last photograph by Christo Crocker