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Moving Image Support Material: The two videos that make up this two channel moving image and sound work are displayed separately (one below the other). The three channel sound will use panaphonics directional speakers, and only be audible when directly under each speaker.

NB. This work is a portion of a larger work and the scale and configuration can be flexible for installation. Where the images below are of the work projected larger than the stipulated size, I am proposing two screens within the parameter (1.40cm wide by 79cm high) parralell to one another. Smaller LCD screens could be used instead of projectors if it made the work easier to accommodate. The three channel sound would utilise Panaphonics Sound Shower Speakers, which are only audible when in the direct field of the speaker, so the sound should not impose on other works. If there are questions about the installation possibilities please contact me directly on 0415918077.


Stills from installation at VCA MFA Grad show, 2018