- How To Deal With Difference -

Developed within the VCA MFA project 'Installing and Unsettling Imaginaries; rehearsing the social within the self'


Snippets of animation from How to Deal with Difference, 2018

NB. The proposed exhibition is a development of work developed within my recent MFA project. The images provided are of the installation at the 2018 VCA Masters Graduate Exhibition in Melbourne. The Installation is flexible in scale (size of screens), quantity of screens, audio and more. For the graduate exhibition the 10 channel audio used sound domes to allow focussed audio in different areas. I am very willing to incoporate different forms of audio and/or less channels if it will make the work more feasible to exhibit. If there are questions about the installation possibilities please contact me directly on 0415918077.


Stills from installation at VCA MFA Grad show, 2018

Photograph by Christo Crocker